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The need for cyber assurance, internally and within supply chains, has never been greater. Our service, Cyber AMI - delivering HM Government's Cyber Essentials scheme, the minimum benchmark of cyber assurance - is free of charge for use by all British businesses. Undertaking a cyber assurance process can create a need for IT support and cyber insurance solutions. We can present you to that audience.

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Choose a region and county.

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Free use of Cyber AMI, to achieve Cyber Essentials compliance and certification, is heavily promoted to British businesses. You will receive:

Rotating ad slot

Your logo, linked to the desired page on your website, will appear on the Cyber AMI portal in rotation with other ad slots in your desired counties. There are more ad slots in counties with a higher population density. Ad slots are limited to a limited and fixed quantity and are available first-come, first-served.

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Create a free account on Cyber AMI to see how ads are gracefully presented to our users.

Further publicity

We will also promote you as a benefactor via our social media channels ( + ).

Monthly reporting

Each month you will receive a report detailing: (i) the number of times your ad appeared, (ii) the number of unique businesses that saw it, and (iii) the number of times it was clicked.

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